Pet Relocation
Are You Travelling?
IATA & IPATA Approved Agents

Thanks to our accreditations we can guide you through the whole process from your Kenyan doorstep to your destination or vice versa. We have years of experience and will assure your pet has a save journey.

We offer door to door services, movement permits, health certificates, airticket booking, blood tests,...
Moving alone is stressful enough. Let us take care of all of your pet's needs.
Note that the process should start early as many countries request anti-rabies tests which usually must be done latest three months to travel date.
The regulations are diverse so kindly ensure you talk to us on time.

Pet Relocation
November 2023

Used Small Five Vet Clinic for relocating my little dog to Canada, a massive journey. I'm genuinely amazed at how streamlined the whole process was, having never travelled with a pet across continents before. Dr. Gabriel, Eunice and the team answered all my questions, very patient and clear in the explanations of the whole process and very reassuring throughout. I would use them over and over and over again!! Thank you all.

December 2020

After 11 hours flight, my lovely cat Pudding had landed in Guangzhou China safely. Thanks for the Small five staffs especially Doctor Gaberil's very kind and professional. Before that, they saved Pudding's life from one food accident and provided very warm boarding experience. They took care of your pet as their own. I highly recommend Small five. They are very reliable and professional!

August 2020

The team and especially Gabriel gave the impossible a happy end. During corona, facing shut down airports, lLive animal freight embargos and some extremely nervous people. They gave me the best birthday present ever. Finally my sweet Aza has arrived in Germany.

November 2018

Little Nema, the Maasai boma dog, successfully became an American citizen. Living up to her swahili name - Grace - Nema travelled without a whimper for over 2 days in an airplane from Nairobi to Los Angeles.
She already stretched her legs on the beach and is very happy to be reunited with her owner!

October 2022

Gabriel and team of Small Five handled Laika's boarding (3mths) and transportation (with KLM) in Aug to Oct '22. Truelly an amazing experience, no hassle, no headaches and smooth sailing at the airport. Laika actually enjoyed all the attention :-) Kisses to Peanut (from Laika 😬)

October 2018

Our team is excitedly privileged to have been picked assigned the duty of ensuring he gets the highest-level veterinary care upon touchdown. We will proceed with all the clearances to ensure he reunites with his family in one piece as fast as possible.
“Louie Brulee Green Dot” a pedigree “Golden Doodle” will be the first pet to travel aboard the New Kenya Airways flight from New York’s JFK Airport to Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on 29th October 2018. The route will be launched on 28th October by the President. His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta will board the inaugural flight to New York.

August 2019

From Kenya to US "Jezza" and "Sochi". You touched our lives since your birth. Only good memories imprinted in our hearts forever. Safe flight!

June 2018

All our Thanks to the Small Five Vet Clinic who made the journey as a whole family possible!! The process of moving with the cats went very smooth because of them!! No stress or obstacles. Our Queen Roosa and Princess Lucky arrived safely and have settled well.

April 2018

Saying bye bye to "Hope". She travels to be reunited with her owner in the U.S. She was rescued in 2016, brought to us for vet care. Hope defeated canine distemper virus CDV.
The rest is history >>